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Stonefish International was established in 2000 by Peter Papanikitas, who through a career exceeding 30 years in the industry working for large companies such as Lindemans, Penfolds and Cinzano developed a priceless level of expertise on the production and sales of high quality and value wine.

Having earlier established Estate Wine Distributors, a successful wine wholesaling company in Australia, Peter expanded his business endeavours through the development of Stonefish Wines. With a remarkable understanding and appreciation of the wine consumer market, Peter’s ultimate goal was to produce wine that exhibits all the attributes that make viticulture in Australia a global phenomenon.

By sourcing quality grapes from regions that reflect the richness and remarkable quality of Australian harvests, Stonefish Wines soon appealed to the everyday wine consumer as well as meticulous connoisseurs.

Stonefish International is a company that comprises of a passionate and dedicated team that all have the same goal- to consistently produce and deliver premium wine to consumers all over Australia and the world. Since 2000, Stonefish International has grown from one small and unknown boutique label, to a group of premium brands that sit proudly on both restaurant wine lists and on a dining table at home, shared by friends.

The brands of Stonefish International are exported to countries around the world with a great presence in Asia and this aspect of our business continues to grow significantly as every year passes. As Australian Wine continues to increase in popularity and demand worldwide, we are proud to be an excellent representation of the end product that results from our spectacular Australian Vineyards.

What we at Stonefish International strive to emphasise with every bottle we produce is that our brands are more than just that- they epitomise the relaxed Australian lifestyle.

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