Previously called Flying Finix, Bird of Fire is a rich and elegant label of Botrytis dessert wine inspired by the long-lived phoenix. In Greek mythology, this mystical bird is reborn from the ashes of its predecessor, becoming a symbol of renewal and life.

The effect of Botrytis, which is actually a type of mould, is a rotting process of the fruit on the vine, sapping the berries of moisture. Yet, despite the seemingly damaged fruit, the process effectively concentrates the sugars and flavours within the grapes. From the decay of the fruit a wine of extraordinary character is created, a highly sweet, rich and opulent dessert wine.

Botrytis Semillon

Riverina, NSW

This elegant Botrytis Semillon is from the Riverina wine region in NSW, which is recognised internationally for producing Australia’s greatest award winning Botrytis wines. This wine is no exception. A delicious aroma of mango and pear with hints of mixed nuts. e palate is rich and luscious with an explosion of peach and citrus flavours.

Current Vintage: 2020
Cartons: 6 x 375ml

Bird of Fire Dessert Wine is available in Australia through Estate Wine Distributors or can be bought online through Red White & Bubbles.

For international export enquiries regarding this brand please contact our export manager, Joanne Caravella.

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