Peter Papakinitas believes that life is too short to drink bad wine.

This belief is what drives Peter to produce world-class wine such as the Stonefish NERO Old Vines Shiraz 2015. This superb dry red wine has distinctive earthen flavours marked by velvety tannins. Aged for eighteen months in 50% French hogshead and 50% seasoned oak, this dark-coloured wine imparts a beautifully lifted spicy note. What also makes this wine even more elegant is the fact that it is produced from 70 year old vines from Barossa Valley at Ebenezer in the Barossa’s North, Australia’s very own wine country.

Stonefish NERO Old Vines Shiraz boasts of balance, elegance and magnificence in taste, structure and flavour.  Whenever you drink this wine, remember the humble beginnings and where it is today, from the Opera House at Opera Kitchen to China.

The wines of the Stonefish label embody the richness and remarkable quality of Australian harvests for people who love the relaxed Australian lifestyle. To order from the Stonefish range, visit the Red White + Bubbles online store



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